RealContacts App

RealContacts is a mobile App that helps to enhance our social skills and improve our reputation.

Unlike social networks that allow us only to connect with other people and share content, RealContacts improves our personal or professional relationships with the connections we have made in our real life or in our social networks.

Start using RealContacts now to improve your reputation.

Discover your real reputation

See how people perceive the relationship with you and what value they perceive from their connection with you.

Also, see what subjects people really value and find rewarding before meeting with you so you can plan ahead what you can discuss or talk about.


Discover the real value of your social and business relationships

Understand the real value of your relationships – which relationships you should invest more in and how they contribute to your personal and business development.

You can see the dynamics of your meetings over time and understand which contacts are more valuable for specific subjects.

Check into your meetings

The easiest way to manage your meetings, so that you will never forget again when and where they happened.

Check-ins record the beginning of your meetings and let you evaluate them later on, when you have time.

Join other contacts

Join other RealContacts users face to face.

Joining RealContacts brings you an all new set of possibilities for connecting with others beyond connecting on social media.

With a single touch you can discover other users near you and exchange contact info encrypted over-the-air and add them to your address book (with their consent).

No more need for business cards. After connecting in RealContacts you can automatically connect on other Social Networks.


Evaluate your meetings

Every meaningful meeting needs thought and reflection.

With RealContacts, you can record all of the information about a meeting and prepare for the next one.

Evaluate the meeting against your current value system to see what are the contacts that really bring value to your personal or business life.

These evaluations will build your relationship evaluations.


Easily share your digital business card

Share your contacts in a blink saving time and money printing your business card.

Add your business card to your Wallet App and experience the new QR code reader for an even quicker share.

Organize your contacts in relevant circles

RealContacts helps you to cultivate the real life relationships established on your social networks.

It reminds you to keep in touch with your contacts depending on the circles and relationship categories.



Privacy First

We believe that it is possible to have a rewarding social life both real and virtual without giving up your privacy.

At RealContacts we protect user’s privacy by encrypting  sensitive and personal information.