At RealContacts we’re convinced that our wealth in life are our business and social relationships. Our team is committed to helping people understand the value of their real life relationships. We’re passionate about helping people improve their relationships and become more socially successful. RealContacts encourages face-to-face interactions instead of virtual ones : we believe that investing in enhancing real life relationships is investing in a better future.  

The cornerstones of valuable relationships






Relationships of all kinds : friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances are not unidirectional. They are a collaboration where everyone gives and receives.


In meaningful relationships we provide value to what others give to us, time, effort, experiences.


Relationships are the way two or more people interact with each other and they are a MIRROR.

A mirror where we see ourselves as we actually are.


It requires effort and responsibility to make relationships work. Empathy, resilience and acceptance make relationships better. Relationships are not static. They are a work in progress and have to be nourished and cultivated every day.

The 7 Principles of Real Contacts

Relationships are vital for our personal development

We learn so much from the people around us.

We expand our knowledge through exchanges with friends, family, and colleagues.

RealContacts helps to create awareness of how important our relationships are for our growth and development.  

Face-to-face communications over all

Face-to-face meetings allow us to communicate and gain ‘tacit knowledge’.

Tacit knowledge is subtle and essential to our personal and professional growth.

RealContacts encourages us to meet our contacts face to face.

One-to-one communications over one-to-many

What’s the difference between publishing a post or a tweet and telling a story to a friend over coffee? Public posts are an excellent way to let people know about something, but it’s impersonal and doesn’t take into account each of your friends’ individual communication styles. One-to-one communication encourages the intimacy and tacit knowledge we need to learn and grow. RealContacts has features designed to encourage one-to -one meetings.  

A few deep relationships over many shallow ones

Had a boring conversation recently? Why was it boring? Likely because the conversation was superficial and didn’t allow an opportunity to reveal our true selves. Nothing in the conversation really piqued our curiosity. So why not focus on the relationships that add the most value to our lives and cultivate them? RealContacts has functions that can guide us to select the relationships that are most important to us.  

A relationship must be cultivated

We believe that our relationships must be nurtured with attention, care, dedication and openness.

How healthy are our relationships?

RealContacts urges us to take care of our relationships on a regular basis and provides suggestions for actions we can take to make our relationships thrive.  

A meaningful meeting needs consideration

Having a meeting?

Whether the meeting is with friends or business associates, it’s well worth it to think ahead on how we can make our meetings meaningful and interesting.

Use RealContacts to focus your energy and attention on the meeting.

After the meeting, RealContacts guides us to understand what happened during the meeting and how we can add quality to future meetings.

Relationships are mirrors

Perceptions and feedback from real life connections are an opportunity to see a true mirror of ourselves.

From this honest feedback we can take action where needed to improve our behavior and our relationships.

RealContacts facilitates this feedback process.

Our Story

RealContacts started with real life. We’re so consumed with our virtual lives that we have lost the art of being in touch with our RealContacts.

RealContacts began with the idea that we need to invest in our real life relationships if we want to improve our lives.

That idea is now a mobile app which can help users enhance their social relationships and thrive in their network.

  Linked, yet disconnected

RealContacts co-founder and CEO, Maurizio Tripi, realized that we need to reclaim the value of our real life relationships.

While new technologies allow us to be connected to everything through social networks, our real life relationships have become emptier because so many of us are lacking the experience of interacting and receiving feedback from other people.

Investing in real life relationships.

Maurizio saw that a change was needed.

He led the process in creating a new way to help us reconnect with our real lives.

We wanted to shift the focus away from maintaining only social media relationships and move towards facilitating  face-to-face meetings.

We wanted to create more than a simple tool to remind us to get in touch with our friends. We created a unique approach to allow us to evaluate the quality of our relationships in an immediate, smart and easy way.

The process of creating RealContacts opened a broad discussion about our relationships and we feel growing real life contacts is crucial.

The great moments of our lives are mostly the outcomes of the relationships we cultivate in our everyday life.

We thought we should build something to support real life connections and we needed a tool to take a first step forward. RealContacts, a tool that could help us draw a clear picture of our most relevant meetings and understand which of our contacts need our attention to build well-balanced and fruitful relationships.

  The more you share, the more you gain.

In summer 2012, Maurizio started thinking of RealContacts as an opportunity for technology to solve.

What if we could evaluate our relationships and anonymously share our evaluations with others?

We would know how our friends actually view their relationship with us.

What if we could analyze the dynamics of all of these anonymous evaluations over time?

We would discover our behavioral patterns.

From this information, we would be able to understand how others perceive us in relationships and the strength of our social skills… and come up with a plan to improve our social skills.

And RealContacts was developed.

RealContacts processes all the information from our friends and contacts and teaches us how to improve our relationships.

RealContacts helps us to lead a healthier and more real social life.