Real Contacts Top 10 Values: Reciprocity


Today we want to talk about another one of our top 10 values for great relationships: Reciprocity. This is an “old friend” of us, we’ve talked about it before in this blog, and we consider it a fundamental pillar of every kind of relationship. Have you ever walked down the street and experienced a complete

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Real Contacts Top 10 Values: Honesty


Today we are back to one of our most recurrent topics. Some of you already know that Real Contacts lets you evaluate your relationships with people, based on a list of values that you consider important in your life. Although you can customize this list of values as you want, we made a TOP 10

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Real Contacts: the App. Meetings and Evaluation


Lately we have been talking about relationships: how to make them work better, how to improve them, how to make them deeper…but some of you might have been wondering: What is Real Contacts really about? Well, we are certainly about all these things: we want people to be aware of their relationship value and take the most

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Does it take a ‘Low Battery’ to get your attention?


Social media and technology is supposed to bring us together and create open communications. How often have you tried to connect with someone only to be blocked by technology? Skype now counts for an ‘in person’ meeting and constant social media updates means you feel you know every detail of someone’s life – even if

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